LAB Solutions


Saspe has been the first one in the world to introduce a new line of machines into the textile sector for the fabrics surface treatment having the typical dimensions laboratory machines have. Thanks to the considerable experience gained in the manufacture of machines for the finishing fabrics surface treatment, Saspe has designed and built these new line of machines for lab and production, which can be employed by manufacturers of narrow fabrics, by textile labs and by schools (technical schools and universities) for staff training purposes.

Saspe Lab range of machines includes a 6-cylinder or 12-cylinder Raising machine, a Shearing machine, Sueding machine equipped with emery paper,emery clothing or with abrasive brushes.

These three machines can be employed in the industrial fields in many different ways: manufacturers of narrow knitting, of medical fabrics (i.e. gauzes…), technical fabrics (i.e. tape, filters…), shoe fabrics, trimmings, ribbons.

These machines can also be employed in lab tests, first of all to simulate surface treatments (raising – shearing – sueding) and therefore to test both the resistance and the shrinkage of fabrics after their being through finishing processes. Moreover, they can detect changes in the appearance and to the touch, due to surface alterations for either the presence of hair (raising – shearing) or for the finishing coat (raising – sueding).

As far as the training of personnel is concerned, the Saspe Lab line is very interesting as machines which due to their big dimensions and difficulties in management, (suction system, folder…), did not previously fit the needs of schools can now be employed in schools against a contained investment.

Blanka lab

This machine can be supplied either in the 6 or 12 working roller version, having working width of respectively 500 mm or 1000 mm. Its main drum movement is driven by inverter while an additional drive is dedicated to the control of the Pile and Counterpile energy and to the drag and fabric tensioning cylinders.
The raising rollers can be supplied with different types of clothings, according to the use of the machine (fabric, knitting, automotive, technical, medical…).

Esatta lab

This machine can be supplied equipped either with a standard shearing cylinder for multiple uses, or with special blades specifically required by the customer (i.e. for fake fur, towels, automobile fabrics..)
The working width can be either from 200 to 1000 mm. The machine – for its shearing cylinder – is provided with a direct motor drive, while the drag and fabric tensioning cylinders’ drive is controlled by inverter.


Versatouch lab

This machine is usually supplied with a sueding cylinder equipped with emery paper or abrasive cloth, diamond paper, diamond coated surface or with a sueding type of clothing (Durasuede®) or alternatively to the sueding cylinder the machine is supplied with an abrasive brush.
The working width can be 500mm or 1000mm, the machine -for its shearing cylinder- is provided with a direct motor drive, while the drag and fabric tensioning cylinders’ drive is controlled by inverter.


F 2015 lab

The Saspe F 2015 Lab is a machine whose main characteristic is the flexibility of use; is possible to make fringes on Single scarves, plaids ,blankets ,ponchos and shawls of knit or fabric material.