Saspe is now glad to introduce its brand-new Genesi project, new concept of Discontinuous Surface Treatment machines for Tubular , Sleeve, Collant and Socks on Seamless single piece form.
The family’s of machines are entirely designed and produced by Saspe in collaboration with some of major producers of Seamless , and is the result of the experience of Saspe on Surface Treatment ( Raising, Sueding, Brushing and Shearing ) and Surface Application ( Silicon and Hot Melt for protection and anti slip ). The concept is one revolutionary system to hold the single seamless piece and treat it on his surface with different “tools“ as for the type of treatment requested, in order to create one soft and warm “touch” together at one comfortable furniture on the inside face of the material.
GENESI SAT project will introduce for the first time the Surface Treatment on Seamless for improve several of knit qualities on different sectors, Sport, Medical, Protection, Military and Safety applications.