About Us

Saspe – textile and industrial machines – is a Company dealing in the finishing textile machines sector highly specialised in the fabric surface treatment.


SASPE’s main carachteristic is the flexibility in its production which allows the skill in customising solutions to peculiar customers requirements and to specific fabric processing needed.
SASPE takes enormous care for every single aspect and step of the machines realisation: from the study and project to the achieving and final commissioning of the machines.


Thanks to a successful experience of cooperation with the American Company REDMAN, SASPE is carrying on with the development of the surface treatment, so called Redmanizing™, which is based on the use of the patented finishing clothing DURASUEDE®.The direct result of this is VERSATOUCH, the machine which allows to create very particular types of finishing, and which is particularly indicated for those who look for alternative solutions, such as the new patented system Redmanizing™.

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